Ogle Brewery: 8 Great Brews on the 290 Wine Trail

Ogle Brewery: 8 Great Brews on the 290 Wine Trail

Emerging as a favorite among Fredericksburg, TX breweries, Ogle at Arch Ray Resort offers eight great flavor choices from a rotating tap.

Because wineries have long held the popularity and focus of Highway 290, tourists are sometimes surprised to find that Texas brewers are also making a tangible impact. Sprinkled along the Texas Wine Trail in Fredericksburg, you’ll find a selection of Hill Country breweries, including Ogle Brewery at Arch Ray Resort in Fredericksburg, TX. Like wine, beer comes in many different styles, varieties, and flavor profiles. Read on to learn more about the beer options you may find on the rotating tap list at Ogle Brewery, which typically includes favorites such as Stouts, Porters, and so much more.

American & International Lagers

Widely recognized as the most popular and heavily marketed beer style, our lagers appeal to a broad range of the population. Lager options are rotated through the tap list and can include: 

  • The Yaloo! – Light American Lager
  • Paisano – Mexican Lager
  • Big Ranch Helles – German Lager
  • Chinati Peak – Pilsners

Flavorful Fruit Beers

With a light and fruity flavor, our fruit beer options are curated explicitly for a clean and crisp finish. Among our fruit beer options, choose from:

  • Rabbit Eye – Lemon and Blueberry Saison
  • Creekfield Watermelon – Watermelon Wheat
  • The Burg – Peach and Cinnamon Saison

Historical and Seasonal Beers

This option is excellent for beer fans who prefer tasty darker styles. Rotating through our tap, you will find the following seasonal options.

  • Brewster County Brown – Brown Ale
  • Bocks, Broken Trees Black Lager – Schwarzbier
  • Santa Gertrudis – Red Ale  
  • Oktoberfest Festbiers


A favorite among many craft beer enthusiasts, IPAs can have strong hop flavor and bitterness with a higher alcohol content that balances the firm hop profiles.

  • Roo Island
  • Dry Humor
  • Hoppy Humor

Stouts and Porters

This popular and widely recognized craft beer type includes dark and sometimes heavy-bodied brews with pronounced roasted chocolate and coffee flavors.

  • Alpine Porter
  • Spurrel Field Special – Oatmeal Stout

Strong American or Imperial Options

Let’s make it a Double! Double IPAs, also called Imperial IPAs, have a high alcohol content with a prominent hop and malt profile. Just like the IPA, but better! 

  • Barleywine
  • Imperial Stouts

Specialty Flavor and Charitable Collaboration Beers

This option will include many Arch Ray staff and industry collaborative beers. Enjoy our flavorful, unique specialty beers, which are typically fan favorites. 

  • Paloma Gosè
  • Peanut Butter Stouts

Distillery and Winery Barrel Aged Projects

While they may take a bit longer to produce, these long-term distillery and winery barrel-aged projects that will be worth the wait and effort.

  • Barrel Aged Whiskey Stouts
  • Bourbon Vanilla Porters
  • Old Ales aged in Port Wine Barrels

Plan Your Visit Today:

In addition to Ogle Brewery’s excellent line of beers—Arch Ray Resort also offers a wide selection of Texas wines – so there’s, quite literally, something for everyone to enjoy. From the taproom, known as the Barrel Room, you can sit back and enjoy a flight of beer while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Hill Country.

With a growing list of resort amenities, Arch Ray Resort and Ogle Brewery are excellent additions to your itinerary for a fun weekend getaway conveniently located in central Texas. While in the area, browse downtown shops and boutiques or go hiking at Enchanted Rock State Park. For an educational exploration, take a trip to Lyndon B Johnson State Park and learn a bit about the 36th president of the United States. Whatever your plans consist of, ensure they include Ogles Brewery!

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