Arch Ray Winery: A Gem in the Heart of the Hill Country

Arch Ray Winery: A Gem in the Heart of the Hill Country

Arch Ray Winery features award-winning, private-label wines from the comfort of the Barrel room at Arch Ray Resort.

Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country lies a Fredericksburg, TX gem —Arch Ray Winery at Arch Ray Resort. Although the business is new to the area, the family and staff are not new to the wine industry. Owners and operators create and bottle hand-crafted, private-label, award-winning wines that they are proud to share with the community and wine enthusiasts. This family-owned winery has quickly become a beloved destination for wine drinkers and outdoors lovers alike.

Arch Ray Rose Wine and Arch Ray Tannat Wine

About Arch Ray Winery

Arch Ray Winery is located just five miles from downtown Fredericksburg and offers a variety of award-winning wines, ranging from sparkling and white wines to red and dessert wines. From the tasting room, known as the Barrel Room, you can taste a selection of our wines or purchase a bottle and take it outside to enjoy the weather and hill country views.

Tasting the Wines

Arch Ray Winery curates wine for any and all palettes. The tasting menu includes a selection of sparkling, white, rose, red, and dessert wines. The wine-making process is monitored by skilled and experienced wine-makers and an on-site sommelier. On our wine menu, you will find the following varietals:

  • Sparkling – Our sparkling wine, La Senora, is a brut sparkling with kiwi, melon, and tart apple tones. This wine is perfect for celebrating special occasions.
  • White – Arch Ray Winery white wines include Viognier, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling. They are light, aromatic, and great for pairing with light dishes such as salads and seafood.
  • Rosé – Arch Ray Rosé is our soft and refreshing roseé wine, with a delightful floral aroma featuring apricot and oak notes. This wine is ideal for pairing with lighter dishes such as salads, summer vegetables, and smoked meats.
  • Red – Our red wines range from light and smooth to bold and full-bodied. These options include Mourvedre, Sangiovese, Primitivo, Tempranillo, and Tannat. These wines are perfect for pairing with heartier or rich dishes.
  • Dessert – We have two outstanding dessert wines, Archie and Ray. These wines are sweet, decadent, and excellent for dessert or sipping after dinner.
Arch Ray Sparkling Wine La Senora
Four bottles of Arch Ray white wine
Arch Ray Archie dessert wine bottle
Outdoor view from back porch of Arch Ray Winery

Enjoying the Hill Country Views

One of the fan-favorite features of Arch Ray Winery is the stunning view and tranquility of the Texas Hill Country. The tasting room sits on a picturesque hillside, with the rear of the building facing our up-and-coming amphitheater. The winery also has an outdoor patio and seating area where visitors can relax and enjoy the scenery. This is a great place to enjoy a glass of wine with friends or family and admire the beauty of Hill Country.

Plan Your Visit

Arch Ray Winery at Arch Ray Resort is a gem in the heart of the Texas Hill Country in Fredericksburg, TX. The winery is home to many award-winning wines, professional and experienced staff, and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors can enjoy a glass of wine while admiring the views, learn about the history of the winery and the owners, and purchase merchandise in the shop area of the Barrel room. Plan your next visit to Arch Ray Resort today. 

Arch Ray award winning wine bottles with medals

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