Arch Ray

Fredericksburg, TX Resort

Arch Ray Resort is a Fredericksburg, TX treasure located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Whether you are searching for award-winning Texas wines, craft beers, or a luxury RV park, Arch Ray Resort has the finest the Hill Country can offer. Arch Ray currently includes an onsite winery and brewery. Stop in for a wine tasting or a beer flight at our tasting room, or reserve space along the Pedernales River for your RV. During your visit, learn a bit about the rich Texas history that spawned the success and future of Arch Ray Resort.

Our Story

Inspired by the legacy and grand stories of the ones that came before them, Arch Ray Resort earned its name by blending family names from Stephen and Sally Baxter – Archie and Ray. Our history comes from over 10 generations of Texas ranching.

Ray Ogle (Sally's side) once sold a ranch to become a part of Big Bend National Park. Even now, you can still visit Ogle Hot Springs and share a living piece of our legacy. Ogle Brewery invokes the spirit of West Texas, where everyone walks to their own beat.

S. A. Baxter (Steve's side and father) and his family have farmed and ranched for over six generations on the same property, tucked along the Colorado river, where they continue to do so to this day. S. A. Baxter, the hall-of-fame Original Rancher, was known for his horses and cows, and the Wagyu/Angus beef we serve at Arch Ray Restaurant still comes from those bloodlines. Steve's son-in-law, Weston McCoury, oversees operations today, which now include a vineyard of roughly 10 acres.

As we move into tomorrow, we take pride in knowing Ray and Archie's legacies will live on through Shane Archie Baxter and Savannah Ray McCoury, Arch Ray's next generation.

This Texas Hill Country resort is a destination for those longing to experience something authentic – a place where you can check your phone at the door, cast your worries aside, and create memories. Coming soon to the resort – a restaurant, event venue, auditorium, and hotel. Follow our social media channels and check back regularly for updates, additions, grand openings, and celebrations as we complete each additional phase of the resort.
We are a member of Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce and Texas Hill Country Winery Association.

The Focus

At the heart of the Arch Ray namesake is quality. We curate award-winning Texas wines and craft beers by focusing on premium ingredients, proven practices, and attention to detail, which culminate to achieve the highest quality products possible.

The Vision

Business owners need a clear vision to establish and maintain the needs of growing enterprises, and the Baxter and McCoury families do not come up short in this characteristic. Arch Ray Resort will succeed by following the same vision that paved the way for Fiesta Winery.

The Future

Arch Ray Resort will serve as the destination for those aspiring to enjoy a full-service, resort-style experience in the Texas Hill Country. With a five-star hotel, event venue, concert stage, and farm-to-table gourmet restaurant, the future of Arch Ray Resort is bright.

Arch Ray Resort's Commitment to
Environmental Stewardship and Water Conservation

At Arch Ray Resort, our dedication to preserving the natural beauty and health of the Pedernales River is paramount. We understand the importance of clear, factual communication about our state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities and our efforts in water conservation. Here’s what we’re doing:

Advanced Treatment for Ultimate Safety

Our Ovivio  cutting-edge wastewater treatment plant is engineered with the community and environment in mind. Utilizing a sophisticated membrane biological reactor process, we ensure the effluent treated is of exceptionally high quality, surpassing state requirements for water that may come into contact with humans. This means the water is clean enough for recreational use and even irrigation, showcasing our commitment to the highest environmental standards.

Effluent Flow and Conservation Measures

Before reaching any natural body of water, the treated effluent enriches the land across a vast stretch of the Arch Ray property, benefiting the ecosystem without wasting a drop. With a discharge rate comparable to what you’d expect from a household garden hose, our system is designed for efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Beyond Treatment - Reuse and Sustainability

We're not just treating water to meet standards; we're reimagining water conservation. By repurposing treated effluent for irrigation and landscaping, especially during drier periods, we're reducing our freshwater footprint and contributing to the sustainability of our local environment. Our efforts extend to a comprehensive water collection system, further underscoring our commitment to conservation.

A Transparent, Community-Focused Approach

We believe in the power of community and the importance of being good stewards of our environment. That’s why we’re open about our processes and proactive in our engagement with the community. Arch Ray Resort is more than a place of beauty and relaxation; it's a model for environmental responsibility and innovation.

Looking Ahead

We’re continuously exploring ways to enhance our conservation efforts and reduce our environmental impact. Your feedback and concerns are invaluable to us as we strive to protect and preserve our shared natural resources for generations to come.

Our current waste is being collected in holding tanks that are regularly pumped and hauled to a state licensed facility for disposal.

Six generations…
One hundred thirty years…

It’s through careful preservation of the precious land acquired by our ancestors so many years ago that has given shape to the Baxter family’s story and the cherished heritage of a long-standing lineage of ranchers, farmers and vinters that have tended that land for the past thirteen decades.

As sixth-generation Texans, stewardship of this precious land that we call “home” is of the utmost importance. Taking care of the waterways and environment in which we operate is not only essential to our life’s work, but it is also intrinsically important to us as deeply-rooted Texans. Nurturing, rather than destroying, the health of the land that surrounds us is our top priority, as it has always been throughout the years.

Here at Arch Ray Resort, we are implementing important measures to ensure that we are not only meeting but, also, exceeding the State’s environmental standards for water treatment on the property, so that the surrounding lands and rivers will flourish for generations to come.